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3L-1618   3L Scrapbook Adhesives - Craft Tape Roll
3L-1604   3L Scrapbook Adhesives - Permanent Squares ( 500)
3L-1605   3L Scrapbook Adhesives - Repositionable Squares ( 500)
3L-1614   3L Scrapbook Adhesives 3D Self-Adhesive Foam Squares Variety Pack 217/Pkg
3L-1615   3L Scrapbook Adhesives 3D Black Assorted
3L-1610   3L Scrapbook Adhesives 3D Foam Squares Regular
3L-1612   3L Scrapbook Adhesives 3D White .25"X.25"
49M-85755   49th and Market - Mixology Flowers Blue Hawaiian
49M-85786   49th and Market - Mixology Flowers Mudslide
49M-85724   49th and Market - Mixology Flowers Pink Flamingo
AG-GL021   Aleene's Glue - 4 oz Gold Bottle
ALT-INKCOFFEEBREAK   Altenew - 4 Mini Ink Set Coffee Break
ALT-INKGLACIER   Altenew - 4 Mini Ink Set Glacier Caves
ALT-INKGRFLD   Altenew - 4 Mini Ink Set Green Fields
ALT-SEASHORE   Altenew - 4 Mini Ink Set Sea Shore
ALT-INKSUMMERAFT   Altenew - 4 Mini Ink Set Summer Aft
ALT-INK6FLORAL   Altenew - 6 Mini Ink Set Floral
ALT-1728   Altenew - 6x6 Stencil Cube Builder
ALT-STENCILLEAF   Altenew - 6x6 Stencil Leaf Burst
ALT-17311732   Altenew - 6x6 Stencil Set Layered Dahlia Stencil A and B
ALT-17331734   Altenew - 6x6 Stencil Set Layered Kaleidoscope Stencil A and B
ALT-1630   Altenew - 6x6 Stencil Sketched Lines
ALT-STENCILWARP   Altenew - 6x6 Stencil Warp Speed
ALT-STENCILWEAVE   Altenew - 6x6 Stencil Weave Builder
ALT-1849   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp 2017
ALT-BOTGARD   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Botanical Garden
ALT-GLDGARD   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Golden Garden
ALT-SHALFHAPPY   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Halftone Happy
ALT-SHALFHELLO   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Halftone Hello
ALT-SHALFTHANKS   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Halftone Thanks
ALT-SINV   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Invisible Alpha
ALT-LACE   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Lace Up
ALT-STHANKS   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Many Thanks
ALT-MGSUC   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Mega Succulent
ALT-ORORCHID   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Oriental Orchid
ALT-SPBUTTERFLIES   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Painted Butterflies
ALT-1699   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Pattern Play
ALT-SPEONYSCROLL   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Peony Scrolls
ALT-PERS   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Persian Motifs
ALT-SSQUOTES   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Sentiments and Quotes
ALT-AMAZYOU   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Set Amazing You
ALT-BEAUTQUOTES   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Set Beautiful Quotes
ALT-DAHLIA   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Set Dahlia Blossoms
ALT-FREEFORM   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Set Freeform Greenery
ALT-SGARDHYD   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Set Garden Hydrangea
ALT-SHIBBOUQ   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Set Hibiscus Bouquet
ALT-ONEKIND   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Set One of a Kind
ALT-PNTPOPPY   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Set Painted Poppy
ALT-SWATERCOLOR   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Set Watercolor Wonders
ALT-SWISHYOU   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Set Wishing You
ALT-SINSCERE   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Sincere Greetings
ALT-SVROSES   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Vintage Roses
ALT-WFGARDEN   Altenew - Acrylic Stamp Wildflower Garden
ALT-HIB   Altenew - Build-a-Flower Hibiscus Lg Stamp set and die
ALT-DIEBEAUTDAY   Altenew - Die Beautiful Day
ALT-1386   Altenew - Die Bold Alphabet
ALT-BOLD-NUM   Altenew - Die Bold Numerals
ALT-DIEDAHLIA   Altenew - Die Dahlia Blossoms
ALT-DIEFRFREESIA   Altenew - Die Fresh Freesia
ALT-DHFHAPPY   Altenew - Die Halftone Happy
ALT-DHFHELLO   Altenew - Die Halftone Hello
ALT-1597   Altenew - Die Inline Alphabet
ALT-DIELLILY   Altenew - Die Layered Lily
ALT-DIEMANDALA   Altenew - Die Mandala
ALT-DIEWORD   Altenew - Die Miss You Word Die
ALT-DIEPERSIAN   Altenew - Die Persian Motif
ALT-DVROSES   Altenew - Die Vintage Roses
ALT-5150   Altenew - Halftone Everything Stamp and Die Bundle
ALT-LG-ST   Altenew - Large Stamps Storage Pockets ( 10 pk)
ALT-MOONBUNDLE   Altenew - To the Moon Stamp and Die Bundle
LT-5161   Altenew - Under the Cherry Blossom Stamp and Die Bundle
AC-76711   American Crafts Page Protectors - 12x12
AC-76728   American Crafts Page Protectors - 12x12 for 4x6 photos
AC-76723   American Crafts Page Protectors - 6 x 6
AC-376904   American Crafts - Alphabet Alignment Guide
AC-341886   American Crafts - Amy Tan Hustle & Heart Puffy Thickers
AC-320683   American Crafts - Creekside Thickers
AC-53434   American Crafts - Kringle Thickers Black Gossy Chipboard
AC-71608   American Crafts - POW Glitter Cardstock Damask 12x12
AC-380112   American Crafts - Project Life Journal Pen Set of 3 Black assorted sizes
AC-380060   American Crafts - Project Life Mini Album Sunflower
AC-375721   American Crafts - Shimelle Go Now Go Thickers
AC-378357   American Crafts - Shimelle Little by Little Thickers Printed Chipboard Magical
AC-63003   American Crafts - Simple Scallop Knock Our Punch Accessory
AC-310397   American Crafts - Take Me Away Chipboard Thickers
AC-310574   American Crafts - Turn the Paige Thickers
AC-343427   American Crafts -Star Gazer Thickers Foiled Foam Copper
AC-76027   American Crafts D Ring Album 12x12 Cloth Chestnut
AC-62001   American Crafts Slick Writer - Fine Pt. Black
AC-62002   American Crafts Slick Writer - Fine Pt. Blue
AC-62004   American Crafts Slick Writer - Fine Pt. Green
AC-62017   American Crafts Slick Writer - Med Pt. Dark Pink
Apr-16-Kit-Add-On-05   Apr 16 Kit Add On 05 - Attwell Washi Tape Stripe
Apr17-Add-On-04   APR 17 Kit Add On 04 - Sticky Notes
Apr17-Add-On-08   APR 17 Kit Add On 08 - Vicki Boutin Watercolor 8 Page Sticker Book
Apr17-Add-On-11   APR 17 Kit Add On 11 - Vicki Binder Paper Clip Words Symbols Gold Foil
Apr17-Add-On-12   APR 17 Kit Add On 12 - Vicki Boutin Binder Clips 7 assorted
APR18-Add-On-01   APR 18Kit Add On 01 - Double Cardstock
APR18-Add-On-02   APR 18Kit Add On 02 - Patterned Paper Completer Set
APR18-Add-On-03   APR 18Kit Add On 03 - Twilight Cardstock Sticker Accents - Phrases
APR18-Add-On-04   APR 18Kit Add On 04 - Twilight Lg Washi Tape Roll
APR18-Add-On-05   APR 18Kit Add On 05 - Twilight 6x6 pad
APR18-Add-On-06   APR 18Kit Add On 06 - Twilight Rotary Stamp
APR18-Add-On-07   APR 18Kit Add On 07 - Twilight Rub Ons
APR18-Add-On-08   APR 18Kit Add On 08 - Twilight Mini Notecard Set
APR18-Add-On-09   APR 18Kit Add On 09 - Nuvo Drops Orange Soda
APR18-Add-On-10   APR 18Kit Add On 10 - Hemp Twine 50 yards
APR18-Add-On-11   APR 18Kit Add On 11 - Kaiser Wooden Flourish Words
APR18-Add-On-12   APR 18Kit Add On 12 - Twilight Completer Set
AI-39   Art Impressions - Cling Cling Rubber Stamp Uddely Fanstastic
AI-4901   Art Impressions - Cling Rubber Stamp Teachers Rule
AI-101018   Art Institute Glitter Adhesive - Metal Precision Writing Tip
AI-10010   Art Institute Glitter Adhesive -" Dries Clear" Adhesive 2oz ( 60 ml)
AI-10020   Art Institute Glitter Adhesive -" Dries white" Adhesive 2oz ( 60 ml)
AB-6978   ArtBin Magnetic Die Storage W/3 Sheets
AB-6979   ArtBin Magnetic Sheets - 3 per pack
ATG-92414   ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape Refills 1/4 Inch - box of 12
AT-RUG012   Authentique - Rugged Collection Pack
AE-SS5002   Avery Elle - Extra Lg Storage Sheets
BZ-3329   Bazzill - 12x12 Cardstock Arizona
BZ-4435   Bazzill - 12x12 Cardstock Curry Spice
BZ-3370   Bazzill - 12x12 Cardstock Festive
BZ-3350   Bazzill - 12x12 Cardstock Hopi
BZ-7782   Bazzill - 12x12 Cardstock Typhoon
BZ-5573   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Aspen
BZ-4437   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Beeswax
BZ-7791   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Blue Calypso
BZ-4486   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Buttercup
BZ-4438   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Candle
BZ-3008938   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Capers
BZ-4406   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Chiffon
BZ-309049   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Cream Puff
BZ-305046   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Jacaranda
BZ-309025   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Jacaranda
BZ-7726   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Lakeshore
BZ-305047   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Peacock
BZ-9003042   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Smoky
BZ-101076   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Thunder
BZ-6620   Bazzill - 12x12 Textured Cardstock Wisteria
BZ-GRABO1   Bazzill - Cardstock Grab Bag
BZ-309017p   Bazzill 12x12 Cardstock - 25 Pack Aspen
BZ-5589   Bazzill 12x12 Cardstock Ivy
BZ-5579   Bazzill 12x12 Cardstock Safari
BZ-181003   Bazzill Bling Cardstock - Black Tie
BZ-18403   Bazzill Bling Cardstock - Bling Bling
BZ-188004   Bazzill Bling Cardstock - Diamond
BZ-18103   Bazzill Bling Cardstock - Diva
BZ-18902   Bazzill Bling Cardstock - Flat Broke
BZ-18702   Bazzill Bling Cardstock - Glamour
BZ-309252   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 pack Admiral 8.5 x 11
BZ-C309095   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 pack Ivy 8.5 x 11
BZ-300377p   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 pack Kraft
BZ-99608511   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 pack Kraft 8.5 x 11
BZ-2227p   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 pack Pomegranate 12x12
BZ-22278511   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 pack Pomegranate 8.5 x 11
BZ-101001p   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 pack White 12x12
BZ-1010018511   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 pack White 8.5 x 11
BZ-10168   Bazzill Cardstock - Ash 12x12
BZ-9943   Bazzill Cardstock - Brown 12x12
BZ-9970P   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 Pack Bark
BZ-9990P   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 Pack Java Brown
BZ-9975P   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 pack Pinecone Brown
BZ-101081P   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 Pack Raven Black
BZ-101081P8511   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 Pack Raven Black 8.5x11
BZ-5558P   Bazzill Cardstock - 25 Pack Reed
BZ-7783   Bazzill Cardstock - Admiral Blue
BZ-5506   Bazzill Cardstock - Aloe Vera
BZ-6666   Bazzill Cardstock - Angel
BZ-5565   Bazzill Cardstock - Aqua
BZ-7708   Bazzill Cardstock - Arctic
BZ-55119   Bazzill Cardstock - Artichoke
BZ-9970   Bazzill Cardstock - Bark Brown
BZ-7730   Bazzill Cardstock - Bazzill Blue
BZ-9937   Bazzill Cardstock - Bitter Chocolate
BZ-1122   Bazzill Cardstock - Blossom
BZ-6616   Bazzill Cardstock - Boogieboard
BZ-4411   Bazzill Cardstock - Buttercup
BZ-2224   Bazzill Cardstock - Cajun
BZ-CS825   Bazzill Cardstock - Card Shoppe Heavyweight 8.5 x 11 Butter Mints ( 2sheets)
BZ-8814   Bazzill Cardstock - Cashmere
BZ-7117   Bazzill Cardstock - Coastal
BZ-1106   Bazzill Cardstock - Cotton Candy
BZ-8804   Bazzill Cardstock - Cream Puff
BZ-2271   Bazzill Cardstock - Crimson
BZ-8850   Bazzill Cardstock - Fawn Brown
BZ-9936   Bazzill Cardstock - Flower Pot
BZ-9950   Bazzill Cardstock - French Silk
BZ-77101   Bazzill Cardstock - Great Lakes
BZ-6652   Bazzill Cardstock - Gypsy Rose
BZ-5511   Bazzill Cardstock - Hillary
BZ-9990   Bazzill Cardstock - Java
BZ-55113   Bazzill Cardstock - Kachina
BZ-2208   Bazzill Cardstock - Kisses
BZ-9960   Bazzill Cardstock - Kraft
BZ-5577   Bazzill Cardstock - Lagoon
BZ-4426   Bazzill Cardstock - Lemonade Yellow
BZ-9941   Bazzill Cardstock - London fog
BZ-9906   Bazzill Cardstock - Malted
BZ-2250   Bazzill Cardstock - Maraschino
BZ-5125   Bazzill Cardstock - Midge

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