free shipping
on orders of $125.00 or more

We all love to hate shipping costs!!!

We have always resisted flat rate shipping - as I could not in good faith ask some customers to over pay, in order to have some under pay.  I also cannot justify jacking up prices, in order to give ' free' shipping. 

So here is what we are going to try, effective immediately, as a trial running until Dec 31st. 

Flat Rate on orders under $125 as follows:

$15 to BC, AB, and SK. ( Calgary address will have this reduced to $12 before invoicing)

$17 to the rest of Canada  

** we believe that our with our low product pricing, this should be workable**

FREE SHIPPING on orders $125 and over, before tax, everywhere in Canada.

We will disable the free shipping option on 10% Tuesday, and on our Monday sale days, when regular flat rates as above will apply, regardless of cost of the order.

Envelope shipping - $3.50, please ask!

Please put a note in the comment section of your order if you'd like to be notified if this is an option for your order that contains ONLY SMALL, FLAT items, and are OK without tracking or insurance. 

This continues to be a great option to ship stamps, dies, copic markers, gems, sequins, ephemera packs, stickers and other small FLAT embellishments for 3.50  It can be used for items that fit into a 8.5 by 11 envelope and are flat ( picture a thick magazine) In the past it was weight dependent and not size dependent, so was not user friendly - it would show up as an option for 12x12  sheets of paper for example, when that is not feasible.  Consequently with heavier dies, it would not show up as an option, when it fact it is one!